Te Maeva Nui 52nd Constitution Celebration


Te Maeva Nui is our annual National Event and commemorates our rich Cook Islands cultural heritage.

It is also a time when we as Cook Island people reflect upon the journey our pioneering leaders who took to attain the right to self governance.

This National Event has grown over the years drawing international visitors from across the globe to Rarotonga for a week of cultural festivities and celebrations through the arts, crafts, music, song, dance and local food. Our Cook Islands people are our richest Asset.  The whole Nation literally comes to a standstill as we celebrate our unique culture during Te Maeva Nui.

The chosen theme for this year’s Te Maeva Nui celebrations is “Te au Mānga a toku Matakeinanga”, the tribal foods of my Community!  8 teams will participate in this year’s Cultural competitions that will take place over an entire week.

A colorful Float Parade
A colorful Float Parade on 29th July will commence the official opening of a week of celebrations.  4 teams representing the main districts on the mainland Rarotonga and 4 teams representing the Outer Islands will again vie for top honors in the respective categories.

Choir and imene tuki competition
A must see for visitors to our Country during this time is our choir and imene tuki (traditional hymns) competition which is a one night event only and that will be held on Sunday 30th July.

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8 teams will participate Cultural competitions that will take place over an entire week.

29th july - A colorful Float Parade

30th July - Choir and imene tuki competition

4th August - Flag raising ceremony

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