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Jungle Quad Adventure!

If you are a true adventurer, you will love the Jungle Quad Adventure offering thrills and challenges… Wild and exciting!

The wetter the better! Follow our experienced tour guide on a wild and exciting adventure through muddy and rocky terrain, crossing streams to remote areas of our island “jungle”. At the end of the quad adventure, have a swim up the mountain in a fresh water creek and enjoy the scenery

Island Buggy Explorer

For those looking for a new and fun way to explore Rarotonga the Island Buggy Explorer is for you! Powerful and safe! Drive your own buggy “Big Rider” while visiting Rarotonga.

Explore our tropical island following our tour guide through exterior and back roads driving your very own two-seater buggy. The Island Buggy Explorer offers an exciting and unique way to explore Rarotonga, visiting prominent areas of our tropical island.

Experience the thrills and challenges of driving your own Bug Rider!

For more information, please,visit: www.coconuttours.co.ck


Jungle Quad Adventure!

Island Buggy Explorer

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If you are a true adventurer, you will love the Jungle Tours!

Rarotonga Events

Rarotonga and the Cook Islands has a vibrant culture - select from the list below for information and dates of events and celebrations happening around the Cook Islands.